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Waves that became songs

Waves that became songs

Kindle $1.07 (34 poems, 34 illustrations) If you buy it from createspace the ebook in Kindle is for free.

Poetry is something which can be felt, not expressed. Not only that, sometimes poet speaks about something and reader reads something absolutely different. So, my joy is writing and hoping they will give you something to keep inside. The poems are versatile, not sticking to some specific genre, I personally think that genre-based books are nice, but if you are writing for everyone then it is wiser to have versatility. So I follow that policy in my short story and poetry books.

from my readers (about the previous version)

Troy ( reviewed waves that became songs (old version)

I enjoyed this! July 5, 2015

As a collection of poems, this one was a pleasure to read through, while taking in the authoress’s evocative imagery, which supplemented the text wonderfully!


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