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Agnimalya book 13 Ye Have Been Warned 2 in shoptly

Agnimalya book 13 Ye Have Been Warned 2 June 2019

Agnimalya Book 13 is half fun and half dark take 2 on something that have always intrigued me, warnings that we can clearly understand sometimes and sometimes they are not that clear and our human nature makes us ignore them and face the music! So, here are a few fun and not so fun tales of what may happen if you don’t pay attention to these subtle and not so subtle warnings. I absolutely loved writing these stories, I hope you will enjoy reading them!

You will read about all types of crazy things that can happen if you don’t read the warning signs accurately. Yes, accurately! Bon appetite!

As you all know these are my creations, copyrighted works, you are free to use them as long as you treat them as my property-mention my name as the creator and leave a link to my blog ( and inform me with the details of your use (non-profit) or discuss the financial side if you like them enough to publish them in your ezine, blog etc to sell. Just let me know!
Happy Reading!
With best regards and wishes.
Sharmishtha Basu
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