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Agnimalya book 13 Ye Have Been Warned 2 in shoptly- a piece

Agnimalya book 13 Ye Have Been Warned 2 June 2019

“Weighing Bridge”

“Look at that temple!” Shubhra pointed her finger at the picturesque temple sitting right across the gorge.

“Look at that board!” Riju laughed.

“Caution: This bridge weighs it’s travelers. Step forward with a clear conscience only!”

Shubhra took a shot of the photograph before heading for the bridge, Riju followed her. She has taken barely few steps forward the bridge all of a sudden vanished.

It was sheer dumb luck that Riju was standing on firm ground and grabbed her. He could pull her back to firm ground after a hard struggle. Both were lying side by side on the brink of the sure death panting, white as sheet.

The bridge appeared suddenly like it has vanished in thin air. They both shuddered.

They scrambled back to their feet and stared at it, for a while then turned back to return to city. They were walking away when they heard the sound of flute coming from the direction of the temple.

They stopped and stared hard, a priest was walking towards the bridge, he was playing the flute, he crossed the bridge and reached this side. They both rushed to him and told him what has happened to them.

“We so wish that this bridge stayed invisible to those who can’t cross it!” The priest said, shaking his head. “You were lucky that you were absolutely unworthy of crossing that bridge! Think about those who go half way and then the bridge vanishes!”

“Heaven only knows who made this bridge and why!” he bade them goodbye and walked away.


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