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coming kingdom June 2019- a piece

Coming Kingdom June 2019


They looked at the little creatures scurrying about, playing with deadly toys and toxic things.

“What do you think we should do?” one asked two.

“if we let them play like this they will destroy the planet. They are far beyond their limit!” two answered, he looked visibly upset. His face displayed extreme displeasure.

“Will be wipe this species out?” one asked.

“Let us rewind them. Take them back to the spot before they went wrong.” Two answered.

They pressed a few buttons and a thick smoke filled up the small jar inside which the solar system was doing its galactic things.

When they returned to check out the smoke was gone. The creatures were huddled around a small fire inside a cave.

All signs of their toxic lifestyle was gone from the planet too.

“Let’s see what they do this time!” Two said.


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