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SBPnB June 2019 – a piece

Sharmishtha Basu’s Pen n Brush- SBPnB June 2019

“The stalking”

He watched her entering the alley. He followed. The alley was dark, very dark. The lines of warehouses on both sides made it look like a haunted place.

“What’s wrong with her? People don’t enter this alley even during day time!” he muttered, his own voice sounded eerie in the silence. The only sound was his breathing, his footsteps and her heels clicking at a distance.

He has been showering her with attention for months now. Things have gone too far! No matter how hard he tried she just brushed him off. She was cold and heartless.

“I wonder if she knows she is being pursued!” he thought with an evil satisfaction. He’s got the chance tonight to get what he has been aching for.

He could see her at a distance. She turned looked back, he felt right at him- and then entered one of the buildings. He was careful enough to take the cover of the shadows during the entire pursuit. But somehow he had a feeling that she was playing with him. This was her way of showing her interest in him, or else…get him bashed up by her lover!

He quickly reached the gate. It was an old building; strange thing was there was no light inside the house.

He stepped inside, his entire body tingling with excitement. It must be her secret meeting place with her lovers!

No one will come here to check out on anyone, boy it looked like graveyard!

The door squeaked close behind him, giving him a violent start.

He heard a voice in that pitch darkness, it sounded like a wolf trying to speak human words, “Is this the dinner that has been stalking you for months sister?”


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