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Patreon Posts 7

I know many of you are already thinking that most of my posts in my blogs are my old works, years old quite often. Where are my new works? Have I stopped writing new ones?

Well I am still writing and painting as enthusiastically as before. But these days they are channeled into four other platforms- my annual republished kindle books ( -they devour quite a huge no. of stories and poems every year. Quite a lot!

my bookstore in shoptly ( Another section goes to my shoptly bookstore, here I not only publish my monthly Ezines Agnijaat and Agnishatdal I also publish a set of books of poetry and story. They are quite merrily illustrated and are available as pdf files. Yes you can read them perfectly in your cellular phone and of course in computer.

My twin Ezines Agnijaat and Agnishatdal (both English, monthlies) don’t feature much stories or poems but publish all my new essays and articles and again, truckload of illustrations.

and my patreon profile ( This one again contains bunch of stories, poems and they almost always are illustrated. If not then the stories are very long and of the type that can’t be illustrated.

I have been so stuck up with my creations that I have ignored my blogs and other social media profiles since 2015 I believe. So, if you enjoyed my works quite amply then I think it is high time that I bring you up to date, to share what I am creating these days and how can you get them!

It will be a lengthy affair, so have patience. I will be updating you about my four years of hyperactive creativity!

I will start with Patreon. It is sort of my launch-pad to make my creativity actually become my career. So since creating my profile there I have been updating 5 works each month, two are the Ezines, the remaining three are writing and paintings. Works my blogger friends thoroughly enjoyed. Stories and poems with ample amount of illustrations!

Anyone who becomes my patron there can chose from few tiers-

You can check them from my profile-

I will share some works from there, hoping they will impress potential patrons, readers who love the stories/poems I write and will love to get a few of them each month. We all have our monthly quota of books we feed the bookworms inside our brain! I did before I started spending that time into writing and painting. I used to read almost anything I could lay my hands on. So I can guess there are many bookworms like me out there who are not writers, just readers and maybe a few of them will get hooked by my writing.

Today’s story is from Agnimalya September 2017 [You can buy this copy directly from me via paypal- [don’t forget to drop me a line @ after paying in paypal so I can send you the pdf file {all these books cost $!}]

The lost stranger

The car stopped. There was quite a queue of cars waiting for the signal ahead of them. She lifted her eyes and he instantly caught her attention. He was waiting by the road patiently.

His hair was all white. The silky hair was blowing in soft wind. He was wearing a blue tuxedo. He looked like a movie star, slowly her eyes descended to his feet and stopped there- he was not wearing anything in them- no socks, boots, not even a slipper.

She lifted her eyes to his face again, he was watching keenly at the cars standing there. His eyes were looking for something or someone.

Something inside her tugged and she got out of the car. The soft wind blew her chestnut hair tenderly. She quickly crossed the few feet distance and approached him.

“Are you looking for a taxi or bus sir?” she asked. She just wanted to strike a conversation. “There is a transport strike today.”

His eyes came down to her face, “No young lady.” he said, in the calm authoritative voice of a man used to power. “I am waiting for my chauffer to bring my car.” then he added impatiently. “He is late! I have an important meeting at ten. I have to get into office before nine thirty. Chowringhee will take more than half an hour from here.”

“Would you mind joining me in my car? I work in Chowringhee. I will drop you on my way.” she said trying to sound as nonchalant as possible. “What is your office address?”

He gave her the address. She knew it well, she did not worked anywhere near Chowringhee but her heart forbade her from leaving him there, deserted.

They reached his office, she took him in. The peon stood up when he saw him. His face was full of shock and surprise.

The man thanked her politely and headed straight for the chamber written manager.

The peon did not stop him but gestured her to stay.

“Do come in after signing the visitor’s book young lady, have a cup of tea with me!” the man said before entering the chamber.

“Where did you find Mr. Dutta?” the young boy asked the moment the door was closed.

“He lost his wife a few years ago, slowly dementia caught him. He has forgotten that he has retired from our office ten years ago. His son and daughter in law try to keep an eye on him but sometimes he slips out.”

“It’s good that you found him and brought him here.”

“He travelled quite far from his home this time, his son lives in South Kolkata, near Tollygunge. He must have procured some taxi or may be Metro rails.”

“We will call his son. He will send someone to pick him up. Thank you very much Miss for the trouble you took.”

She smiled and turned to rush for her office but a voice stopped her. It was Mr. Dutta.

“You did not join me for the tea young lady?” he asked.

She entered the manager’s cabin, Mr. Dutta confidently settled down on the manager’s seat, while the real manager sat on a chair, sipping a cup of tea, waiting for Mr. Dutta’s son to show up.

Agnimalya Book 3 the lost stranger


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