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Agnijaat Boisakh 1426 Critique by Troy

Agnijaat Boisakh 1426 Critique
By Troy David Loy @

Agnijaat Boisakh 1426, April 2019
Agnijaat Book 9, 25she boisakh 1426, 7th May 2019

It’s the Bengali New Year, BS 1426 in the month of Boisakh, so here’s the last of the eZine critiques until Jyeshtha’s! Things are going well, but busy, though I hope to note the high points of this month’s offering by the Authoress herself!

For this month’s opening image, we’re treated to a piece showing a small boat with what appears to be a sealed clay jar, with a delightful mix of bright shades!

Working Mothers:
The authoress notes here the problems of raising children of women in careers in India, and gives three solutions, three horns rather than merely two, to the dilemma!

India THEN – History of Goa 2:
Here we are told of the first medical college in Asia, the Escola Medica Sirugica de Goa, now relocated and used as a set for fabulous Indian movies! I suspect I may have seen its interior in early forays into Bollywood films online when I had my now defunct Tumblr account.

My Pen – Arrogance is Suicidal:
Here, we find that the arrogant are to be pitied, not hated, as broken human beings unaware of their brokenness. The worst part of arrogance, and its evil twin presumption, is not knowing one is burdened with them, as opposed to glorious purpose… No, wait, that would be Tom Hiddleson’s Loki from the MCU franchise.

Nature @Kolkata in Boisakh!
Hot weather, punctuated with rare rainy cool-offs, and politics! It’s election season, and the clowns are out in force, or maybe more like WWE wrestlers!

The authoress notes of her future plans, too, in trying her hand at Teespring, and having already deleted her paperback books and websites.

Then, we find out about the day of Ganga Saptami, dedicated to the Goddess of the Ganges river and her rebirth.

This month’s theme is “Ocean”
One: a cinqku and painting of a woman in bikini on a beach, sunning herself
Two: a haiku and painting, of a ship at sea on calm green waves.
Three: a cinquain and painting of a small sailboat lost at sea.
Four: a quintilla and painting, showing a boat on a stormy night sea, still there, still afloat.
Five: a quintain and painting of a nighttime shore along the coast.
Six: a diamond poem and painting, on the ocean which has seen so much life come and gone forever during tens of crores of years.
Seven: a seventeen word verse and painting, of a boat at sea, mermaid luring its sailor into the ocean depths.
Very good!

Fir Milenge*
A painting of a young woman waving goodbye to parting company from her balcony. I like the way is is arranged, with a good, simple color palette

Here, we see some cool little cartoons of the evil serpentines, and the harm they did to their world – an allegory of humans? Not a farfetched comparison, given how we treat our own world and only home, and each other! There is no planet B for us!

So, I’ll be back next month to give you the word on the latest of cool stuff from the Authoress, and in Soruggon…Talotaa frang. Talotaa kas. Talotaa tranga suulaat!

Be safe. Be well…
…Be brilliant as the stars!


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