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Agnishatdal Boisakh 1426 Critique by Troy

Agnishatdal Boisakh 1426 Critique
By Troy David Loy @

Agnishatdal Boisakh 1426, April 2019
Agnishatdal Book 9, 25she boisakh 1426, 7th May 2019

Namaskar. It’s Bengali New Year, for the month of Boisakh, BS 1426! This issue has such things to show us, and I hope to do them at least some justice in this critique!

This month’s first image shows a young woman wearing a dupatta. I like the color palette for this one, with the shawl of deep Indian Red and blouse of crimson, unless my knowledge of colors is based on mistaken assumptions, a possibility!

Berlin 2 An unexpected Trip:
Brian treats us to a story which cries out for further details, of a part of family history from his mother’s time in the military, a photo showing her in an Airforce Auxiliary uniform. This was brief, but enjoyable!

Fruitful Quest:
Raghu here gives a story of a raja’s whim, to taste a fruit he’s never tasted before. Giving the duty to fulfill this whim to his minister, at great cost of failure, he finally gets to sate this desire, by a clever offer from his minister’s daughter, a wise young woman indeed! Short, to the point, and delightful!

Then, Dom offers some freeform verse on the Law of Attraction, something often discussed in the New Age literature and not without its critics, but never mind that, as the verse is quite good, and better than my unpracticed hand!

Religion 1: Dose 18
BP opens up on the “R” word! Pull up a chair and pour a drink, as things will get interesting from here on, from the Bitter Pill’s own perspective.

Then, Juliette gives her story, accompanied by a photo that could well come from a collection of ghost-photo candidate images, with the double-exposure-like overlay of the man’s face seemingly close to the camera. This is better technique than I’ve attained so far!

Here, Pat Ritter gives us a glimpse of his book, Click Go The Shears, in which a young man switches identity, and places, with another man, for what may not necessarily be the most noble of motives!

Lisa then shows a picture-quote that I liked, as it reminds me of the shores of the bay near where I live. The colors and choice of typeface for the font are huge pluses for this one!

In Treats off the Month, there’s a couple of calls out for reviews of books, one, “Memoirs of a Pakhtun Immigrant,” by Teresa Schapansky at, and “Beyond God’s Reach,” by Siddharth Shukla at Give them a click, and if you will,
a look at their work!

Thanks to the Authoress here, too, for the shoutout for my newsletter, though I’ll add that I’ve updated my plans on the book based on my serial The Last Dance; I’ve decided to finish 2019 researching things South Indian, Tamil stuffs in particular, and add my fictional Kai’Siri warrior culture(s), with the story surrounding the collision of worlds resulting when women of those two
cultures meet. But I’ve also decided to spend the next three years writing the book, so expect it in 2022. I’ve set things up so the original serial The Last Dance will provide no spoilers for the final work!

Then, we are treated to various performers/performing artists, including Indian classical dance revivalist Rukmini Arundale, actor Kieffer Sutherland, and mrindangam player Palghat T.S. Mani Iyer!

For this month’s recipe, it’s a cabbage dish, which I’ll have to suggest to a friend of mine who cooks far better than I do. While this sounds delicious, my experience with cooking is limited to dishes involving garlic and fried rice. This calls for an expert!

Minutes Together’s image this month shows Lord Krishna and his paramour Radha in a tender, well, moment together.

Then two pieces of history, one in Pieces of Past: about the Bhakti movement in Maharashtra, and some of its leading figures and a bit of mythic history in this month’s Story of Ved and Purana: Putra Tirtha, in which we are informed that even Gods can be on the receiving end of a curse, especially when they act in a manner unworthy of a God! If only the Gods of non-Indian
religions could be held so accountable for ungodly acts!

So, I’ll continue this series with the critique for Jyeshtha 1426’s issue, next month, so stay cool, or warm depending on your hemisphere and local climate, and in Soruggon, as those wacky Kai’Siri would say…
Talotaa frang. Talotaa kas. Talotaa tranga suulaat!

Be safe. Be well. Be brilliant as the stars!


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