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Agnishatdal Jyeshtha 1426 by Troy

Agnishatdal Jyesththa 1426 Critique
By Troy David Loy

Agnishatdal Jyeshtha 1426, May 2019

Vanakkam! Here’s the critique for the eZine circa Jyeshtha, 1426, with the things that really stood out for the month’s issue. I’ll start first with…

…Subinoy Roy:
Who, as both a teacher and performer of Rabindra sangeet, developed a number of interesting capacities, including those of a librarian. In today’s world were he shifted forward in time, he’d be able to find just about any piece of information on the Internet and and any other documentation one could hope to find. While I’ll never quite achieve what he did in music, or
teaching, library science is a skill worth having, and his list of recorded songs is nothing to sneeze at either!

Suchitra Mitra:
This one was also quite accomplished. Regardless of her politics, her musical achievements were astounding!

Berlin 2: An Unexpected Trip:
Brian tells of his mother during her last days, and a story she relates of better days during her time in the military. What an admirable view of life she must have had!

Fruitful Quest:
Via Raghu: Two neighbors have a dispute of spiritual import, due to incompatible philosophies, and petition the king to arbitrate, but the king has an idea for a solution, from the Goddess Kali herself! What is the outcome of the king’s plan? It’ll be interesting to see what follows next month!

“Two” you are “One”*
Dom gives a verse on that thing inside us, the will that simply knows that we do not see directly. Poignant.
Religion 2: Bitter Pill Dose 19:
BP discusses the role of fanaticism in religion, and why the most fanatical are the same who bring shame to their own religion, a religion they themselves at best poorly understand!

Click go the shear:
Pat continues the first chapter of his story, in which a tearful Hannah finds the real reason Joe sacrificed his freedom for…Joe! This one’s well written!

Cynicism: Just Another Bias, Pt. 1:
Null offers the first half of an argument, in the sense of statements given to support a given conclusion, for his position that cynicism is not a virtue, but a vice for the bitter, contemptuous, and fatalistic at heart.

Pat Ritter Interview:
An interview done over Smashwords, on Pat’s take on the publishing industry and his secrets for writing, designing, and publishing, or self-publishing, his works. Interesting.

Siddharth Shukla talks with us:
The Authoress interviews Siddharth, who in this short but informative piece generously gives us a fair view of himself as a writer, and the things he writes about!

Ghosts Be Gone:
Jhaydun Dinan gives us a brief look at himself as a writer, and tells us his kickstarter campaign for his upcoming paranormal novel! This sounds exciting!

YouTubia: Not Funny at All!
The Authoress offers a critique of YouTube’s wasteful way of downloading videos, taking up valuable but limited data for no real gain for itself! Annoying, and inefficient!

Sonal Mansingh:
I’ll have to check out the performance artist! I’m less familiar with Odissi than I am Bharatanatyam, but this sounds like someone worth seeing online regardless of her specialty of dance styles!

Famke Jensen:
Here’s a good actress, and I can say that having seen at least two of her roles, as the Russian agent in Golden Eye and in the first X-Men movies as Jean Grey/Phoenix!

Creator’s Quill*
This is a digital painting of a painting in progress, including brush! This one’s got a nice selection and balance of colors!

Pieces of Past: Bhakti movement impact:
Here’s some things I did not know of Bhakti spirituality as a social movement, nor of the successes and failures of the same! I’m given yet more pieces of the historical puzzle it pertains to, in a clear and fascinating look at the languages I’m studying, particularly Tamil and my research on South Indian culture at the moment!

Words: Yoga for Eyes:
This is a new column for the eZine! Here are useful exercises to help avert eyestrain from screen watching of personal electronics, worth trying out at least!

Let’s be together in one Earth, For all living beings*
This is a lovely digital painting of a young woman feeding or perhaps watering, two peacocks and a rabbit near a patch of flowers. The color-palette alone is worth a look at this!

That’s it for this month, my peeps! I’ll be back in Ashar to put in my two pence for that month’s issue, and may the next month see you in good health and good spirits!
Tf. Tk. Tts.


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