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Agnishatdal Shraban 1426 Critique by Troy

Agnishatdal Shraban 1426 Critique:
by Troy David Loy

Agnishatdal Shraban 1426, July 2019
Agnidal Illustrated 3, 17.7.2019
Agnijaat Shraban 1426, July 2019
Agnishatdal Shraban 1426, July 2019

Vanakkam. Naandaan Troy. I’m finally rejoining this series of eZine critiques. So here, join me as we look into what Shraban 1426 has for us!

Let us begin… virtual trip to India*
This painting looks to be of a pretty young woman wearing traditional garb and a stylish bindi, with a very pleasing selection and arrangement of colors.

Abanindranath Tagore:
Such a skilled artist! He appears to have had a considerable influence on the repute of the Indian art scene, and with no small amount of talent, brought his own style to the Modern tradition, and indeed defining it for the age of he and his peers. Excellent!

Starving Kids:
S4 tells is of the terrible and avoidable tragedy of little ones being poisoned by what would otherwise be a delicious treat, turned poisonous through malnutrition by governmental neglect of Biharis.

Berlin 2 Part. 2.4:
Bieuc tells of his mother’s stories from the closing of WWII, and her English skills, in 1945. Once she was ordered on a plane to Villacoublay for a hush-hush mission, what awaits her there? What shall transpire?

Tenali Raman turns to sleuthing 1:
Raghu relates a tale of ancient detective work, when Raman is sent to investigate the truth in a property dispute! What shall this ancient Shankar Lal uncover? What shall he find?

“Born again” in soul: Dom
Spiritual rebirth is a common idea found in many faith traditions, and here, Dom offers a metaphor to describe it from his perspective. Illuminating!

Bitter Pill Dose 21: Religion 4: BP
BP speaks of the Unholy among the self-styled holy, and how they incite hatred of other religions through fiery rhetoric and poisonous words, using religion as a tool to divide rather than bind people together.

Budapest Missives: Juliette
Juliette gives a photo of a ferris wheel, like that in an amusement park, and seemingly abandoned, lonely in its solitude, behind a grove of trees under a glaringly bright sky.

Very stark! Xmas at Camelot:
Freya gives a description of her book, a collection of ten stories, and worth picking up!

A world without colors:
Here’s a book review which touched me a bit, as a cat owner who’s lost many furbabies over the years, with no doubt will lose more to time and illness. I’m reminded of my own Rocky, who passed in his sleep from a heart disorder common to Maine Coons in 2016. Do give a look at Bernard Jan’s book!

Nobody’s home, by Robert Sherriff:
This is a book on an extremely serious subject; parental abuse of the most heinous kind. While that’s a grim topic, this is worth looking at, as I’ve prepared myself for some of that thru previously reading another book with its own context of violence and abuse facing women in India, The Fragrance of Rose.

YouTubia: Dodo and Too Cute
It’s not often I look at vids of cute animals any more, but these two channels might be a good pick-me-up in times where I despair for the human condition after reading the news!

Pandit Bhajan Lal Sapori
So, a santoor player from Kashmir, his music is a great way to accompany the writing of this critique, and here’s a link I’ve found to one of his recitals:

True treasures: Nabadwip Haldar
I once knew of no Bengali comedians, but that’s now been amended by the addition of one! His voice acting sounds like something to listen to, and if his puns are anything approaching, much less exceeding, the punning skills of Monster Talk podcast host Blake Smith, then that’s worth discovering!

Here we have a scene with the hands of two friends, or siblings, overseen far away by the Moon showing in the daytime sky. I like the color balance, nothing excessive, with the arrangement of form and color well chosen!

Independence Day*
This digital painting shows a good mix of chromatic and neutral tones, and well-defined shapes, together celebrating this national occasion.

Pieces of Past | Glimpses – Ancient Religions:
I like this piece on the early Mesopotamian religions, not the least as it shows the influence of those ancient practices on the religions of the Mediterranean region centuries later, after the fall of the great Mesopotamian empires and the rise of Europe and North Africa.

Story from Ved and Puras – Bhanu Tirtha
Now this piece is pretty cool, as it gives a lesson in self-sacrifice and the need for it after the consequences of ill-thought verbal mischief!
So, those are the high points for this issue! Join me next time when I review Angishatdal’s Bhadra 1426 issue, so until then…
And in abbreviated Soruggon…
…Tf. Tk. Tts!


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