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Agnishatdal Shraban 1426 by Editor Sharmishtha Basu


Agnishatdal Shraban 1426, July 2019
Agnidal Illustrated 3, 17.7.2019
Agnijaat Shraban 1426, July 2019
Agnishatdal Shraban 1426, July 2019

Agnishatdal Shraban 1426 ( ) Critique: By your good old editor, my much cherished critique Troy is really busy these days, so I am picking up the pen and editing the works of my much cherished authors. So the critiques will be short and sweet!

Starving Kids by S4: A really dark incident that is not the first one of its kind and won’t be the last one I am afraid. But I will be really happy to know that this thing is stopped for good nationally or globally.

Berlin 2: Part 3 by Brieuc Martin Onraet: Now the story has taken a really interesting turn. A handsome captain, brand new uniform and a trip on plane, to where? Will be waiting for Bhadra piece.

Tenali Raman goes sleuthing by Raghunandan Kuppuswamy: Two women show up in the court of Krishnachandra Roy, each claiming to be the owner of a house, the fate of the house now depends on Tenali Raman, let us see what the extremely intelligent man does in next month’s piece!

The gardens of Sarusammog 2 by Troy David Loy: No not a thief, just a lost traveler, Sarusammog meets Meera! But for very briefly, she disappears in a flash leaving a gift for Saru, a female form of Sarusammog.

Born again Soul by Dom Collucci: Another Zen poem from Dom, this month’s poem talks about our rebirth, when we rise above the identity that our parents and surroundings have given us and realize who we truly are!

Bitter Pill dose 21 by Bitter Pill: Religion 4: Modern media are truly as helpful to hate mongers as are modern weapon-makers! Another piece of quite true words about fanatics and their spiteful mind.

Budapest Missives 7 by Juliette Roques: This month Juliette has shared a beautiful cityscape again, very beautiful one!

Xmas in Camelot by Freya Pickard: This month Freya talks about Xmas in Camelot, a collection of ten stories of quite versatile taste.

Click go the shears 4 by Pat Ritters: Looks like to get something you almost always have to lose something. Joe Gibson sacrificed his freedom for his friend but his friend lost his love and is now out to start life afresh as Joe heads for prison. Great story for sure!

Dirkball 4 by Robert Sherriff: Robert is sharing beautiful artworks from his storybook “dirkball”, it is for little kids. I love the beautiful sketches a lot! I am sure the book will be worth keeping for adults and kids both! This month’s sketch is a colourful mice party?

I believe that will be it for my critique as an editor for the month of Shraban 1426, you will have to read the rest in Ezine. Of course there is truckloads of more works there! Well I sure hope Troy will be back real soon, he will be reviewing the previous month’s works and I being the editor and having the advantage will share the current month’s critique with you. Hope you enjoyed these short critiques!


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