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Agnishatdal Magh 1425 Critique critique by Troy

Agnishatdal Magh 1425 Critique:
By Troy David Loy

Greetings, O readers! It’s Falgun, so here’s the latest in a not-so-new series of critiques, noting what stood out, what’s new or updated, and what I liked. I’ll even throw in some questions on these as well, as this is a critique after all! So, let us begin!

Kanika Banerjee:
A renowned student of Tagore songs, even with her most popular tune not actually from Tagore himself, she made a good career from her skills, though was taken from life in her seventies, too soon in my estimation. Along with Kanak Das, and the differing vocal styles they used,

The Little Boy and the Tiger, P. 5
Brian ends this serial with more of the brief part of his life in Cambodia, and from years later the revelation of the baby tiger. I too hope Petite-Ami lives still, a survivor of the terrible regime that dominated his country! A fitting conclusion.

Brahma Rakshasa 4:
Raghu gives a good ending to this piece, with the final fate of the Rakshasa, the curious music played by the villagers in the demon’s absence, and hints of a possible link to the ancestry of the unnamed visitor to the village…. Could it be? Good job, Raghu! I enjoyed seeing this play out!

Deeply in a fog*:
Dom offers a short verse of a wish for sunny weather despite pea-soup dreariness in the day! Coolness!

Haters 5:
BP discusses the vileness of Raja Rammohan Roy’s critics, defenders of a horrible system he rightly had banned. I hear the same thing from intellectually dishonest types who try to defend American slavery, even more than a century after a bloody civil war that they lost!

Budapest Missives:
Juliette offers a striking image in warm colors, of statuary with the full moon behind it. Quite good.

The unfaithful earl, Part 5:
Doug relates a tragic end for one of the Americans in this ghost story, the only casualty of a haunted glen other than the shade of the earl himself! Never bring drugs and a heart condition to a ghost-fight!

What is within my grasp*
Lisa gives here a cool quote-pic that could show either dawn or dusk. Beautiful nonetheless!

YouTubia: Camengat!
Ooh! This looks interesting! I love both astrophotography and conceptual paintings of planets for both sci-fi movies and early space paintings made before we sent probes to the planets!

Birju Maharaj:
It’s always good when truly gifted innovators revitalize and repopularize a field, and especially the art of dance and dance-drama. This was a brief piece, but enjoyable!

Efiles from Agnimalya Patreon:
Detective Agni continues her investigation, and finds her client has made many enemies, enemies who want to settle a score!

This image shows the Goddess Saraswati sitting with her veena and a swan nearby. I like the color palette for this one and simplicity of form!

Republic Day*
An image celebrating the founding of the Republic of India. This one is very economical with color, form, and arrangement. As the text says, Jai Hind – from the US!

Pieces of Past: Dadu Dayal:
An interesting piece of medieval Indian history, and worth looking up in greater detail. The authoress has provided useful clues to do so. Spiritual leaders tend to live interesting lives, and advocate interesting ideas.

Story from Ved and Purana: Ila Tirtha:
Cool! Here, a king has a complicated… transition in life… after entering a magical forest. This was a fun read on several levels as an ancient narrative!

Ponga Pandit: Evil Teacher:
Here’s a cartoon of an instructor who uses his skills to serve dark ends, indoctrination rather than education.

So, that’s it for Magh’s Lotus of Fire issue! I’ll see you again after Falgun with the next critique, and in abbreviated Soruggon….
Tf. Tk. Tts!
*sigh* Take care regardless!


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