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Agnimalya, SBPnB, Coming Kingdom March2019 critique by Troy

Agnimalya February 2019
Critique By Troy David Loy @

Young Rumi’s father works away from home, and one day, as her mother worries for his well being he returns, seemingly replaced by a lookalike who relates the tale of the man whose face he wears, his last dying wish to protect his family. I don’t cry often, but I did just a bit for this story.

Secret Lover
A young man is in love, but the woman he loves has a…secret he cannot know without consequences–She’s a werewolf! It’s a short story, but told very well.

A man falls in love with a young woman at a railway station, but they never speak. He finally resolves to speak with her, too late, for after one absence from their usual encounters, only a week later, she marries another.

The Attacks
A newly opened mineshaft is plagued by violent attacks, and a team of paranormal monster-hunters is sent to investigate. In an old castle, more attacks are reported, and the team is sent there too, with almost tragic results, as one of the investigators is badly hurt. They return to the mine, after a period to discover, and later understand, the creature at the mine, who turns out to be an alien, one of a species that created humanity. After hearing the being’s story, the humans decide to close the new mineshaft and restrict extraction to the current shafts. The alien leaves finally, leaving the humans with a reward of polished diamonds. Hmmm. Curious, this one!

Coming Kingdom February 2019
Critique By Troy David Loy @

Shanta and Mridul have an unusual problem: fires keep starting in the strangest circumstances, and the couple start seeing things, like the figure of a small boy who vanishes instantly. They then discover a tragic secret of the home’s past.

Chand and Mahim are two rowdies with a bit too much to drink and too little money to spend on…entertainment at the local pleasure house. They come across a seemingly deranged woman lying in their path who turns out to be more than they had anticipated, and both fellows lose their heads–literally. Several other, similar killings occur, as several more predators of young women meet their end, all to the Devi Kali’s falchion.The moral: never try to violate a woman’s bodily autonomy, as you may just lose your head to the Goddess of death and destruction–the death and destrction of evil, predatory men!

The Tree
A lonely coastal tree feels pained by his isolation, and seeming abandonment by those further inland, despairing of ever having company, or the beauty of leaves and flowers. a being from the heavens consoles him, then rises skyward, and the despairing tree sees himself as a symbol of courage to those who rested on his branches. He becomes the subject of a portrait by a human artist, titled “Courage.” This one was lovely, and well narrated.

The Vampire
The vampire Mukti finds a young child, Ratri, on a night of ravenous hunger, yet cannot find it in her to kill and devour the young one. She places her out of harm’s way, and raises her to adolescence on an island. A prisoner, Madhup, is brought to the island, warned by Mukti to leave her adopted daughter alone, but the two young people fall in love, and ready to marry, as a new chapter opens for Mukti’s unlife. I like how this one plays out. Very well done!

SBP&B February 2019
Critique By Troy David Loy @

This book features some the Authoress’ delightful art, combined with verse celebrating the seeking of the numinous, as a spiritual pursuit often undertaken by attempting and achieving union with the divine. This book is a beautifully illustrated paean to that mystical endeavor. Well done!


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