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Agnimalya, SBPnB, Coming Kingdom April 2019 critique by Troy

Agnimalya April 2019 Critique
By Troy David Loy @

Fairy Bride:
An unnamed fisherman spies fairies from the Moon playing with mermaids in a lake, and in a fit of desire, plots to make one of the beauteous fairies his bride. But his plan goes awry as his chosen bride outsmarts him and returns one last time, with a parting gift from the fairies. I enjoyed this one, well-told even without naming the characters.

The Bungalow:
Mahesh and Manjusha have just bought their new home after returning to India, a home with a forgotten past, one which catches up to Majusha one stormy, horrific night! This one was enjoyably spooky, and would make for a quick reading on Halloween.

The Tribe:
A greedy warlord seeks the kingdom of his nearby rival, and hires a witch to arrange matters more to his liking. Soon, apsaras from the heavens are enlisted to his aid, and things look dire for the rival king as the lovely nymphs subvert his subordinates! Will there be hope for the kingdom?

The woman in White:
A team of investigators is hired to survey an allegedly haunted bar after sightings of an apparition. What is the secret of the place, and what horrors await in the drinking establishment’s basement? I was pleasantly surprised by the group’s findings and the story’s outcome!

A late-night traveler finds he’s being stalked by a wolf, or perhaps something even worse! He finds shelter in an abandoned place, only to be found dead the next week, drained of blood. What lies waiting in the old place, lonely and (un)dead?

Coming Kingdom April 2019 Critique
By Troy David Loy @

Enchanted island:
Young Sukrit meets a mysterious woman, Lekhani, on a seemingly abandoned island after a severe injury and falls in love. Is their love fulfilled after a month apart? The ending to this was good, and better romance than I would write!

The games fair folks play:

The fairy queen Indulekha decides to have a little fun with the mortals, as her subjects play pranks with the lives of cruel and greedy people, their victims replaced by fairies in human form who give them their just desserts!

SBP&B April 2019 Critique
By Troy David Loy @

This month, the Authoress offers picture-poems dedicated more to spiritualism than last month, and in particular homages to the Goddesses Durga, Kali, and if I’m not mistaken from the veena she holds, Laxmi. True devotion!


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