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Agnimalya, SBPnB, Coming Kingdom July 2019 critique by Troy

Agnimalya July 2019 Critique:
by Troy David Loy

When a deceitful but attractive young woman experiences a repeating apparition of her victim, what is going on, and for how long? This carries a strong message for doing the right thing, not to do wrong to others in the pursuit of a love interest!

The Change:
Joy, June, and Milla form the corners of a love triangle turned sour. When Milla begins to change, she’s plagued by recurring nightmares and a strange phenomenon when she looks in the mirror! Joy meets her again, after months away, and relates June’s fate. Will Joy and Milla find pleasure, or sadness, in each others’ company after the sad news?

The Curse:
Newlyweds suffer a mysterious accident after a web of deceit in their marriage, something that runs deep in the family. What is the horrific outcome when one goes mad? This one shook me, though I enjoyed it nonetheless!

The Deity:
When an evil king supplicates an evil deity for aid in wooing the beautiful Surabhi, he concocts an evil scheme to carry out his greed and lust, only to fail at every turn, or does he? Only the evil deity and the king’s target come out well in this, the king, not so much!

Coming Kingdom July 2019 Critique:

The Derelict:
A lost ship has been abandoned by all but a mysterious and evil passenger, a strange and terrible Count from a far kingdom. What is his nature, and why is he her sole passenger after the loss of her crew?

The Hound:
A man is stalked by a mysterious and unfriendly dog, or so it appears! What happens when he meets who appears to be an Adivasi girl in the forest, seemingly human, and warning him of danger, yet strange in the gleaming of her eyes?

The Mermaid:
This tale has a happy ending, once a prince encounters a mermaid and falls in love. What will happen when others try to dissuade him from this romantic affair?

The Old Lighthouse:
Little Bitan likes to play in an abandoned lighthouse, and as an adult, lives through a terrible storm as a grown man. Was it the old lighthouse which saves him? Find out!

The Sorcerer:
When a fairy princess is troubled by an evil sorceress seeking to deny her love, what does the princess do to defeat her, or can she?

Three Wishes:
When a gnome is summoned from a magic box, he grants a couple wishes, but wishes are easy to twist if poorly worded, so be careful what you wish for, as you just may get it, and not in the way you expect!

SBP&B July 2019 Critique:

Crystal Eyes:
Prabhat buys a mysterious stone from a shop selling rare items, and experiences strange and ominous visions in the form of dreams, dreams of a princess in danger from an evil Tantric seeking her hand. What happens as a result? Does he rescue her, or fail in the process?

The Child of Woods:
When childless Snigdha finds a baby abandoned in the woods near an old hut, she raises the child as her own, and is in for a pleasant surprise after finding out the nature of his true mother when she comes to claim him! I enjoyed this one mightily.


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