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Agnijaat Ashwin 1426 Critique by Troy David Loy

Agnijaat Ashwin 1426 Critique

Agnijaat Ashwin 1426, September2019

By Troy David Loy

iravu vanakkam. naandaan Troy. After a far, far too long hiatus, let’s go over a few of the outstanding points of Agnijaat’s Ashwin 1426’s issue!

Indie Author Speaks: Few Tips 5 The Authoress offers useful suggestions for managing tasks, and so doing, managing our time. It’s good that she emphasized the importance of considering possible obstacles.

From the Quill of Femme Sole: What a life! This one’s a digital painting in which the Authoress offers thoughts on being single in a world when marriage has problems of its own!

TECHBABBLE: sixth Sense a commentary on the horrors of Windows 10. Who knows what will fail in a machine with this – ahem – update!

India Now: Carrots and Donkeys Here, the Authoress comments on Independence Day, and on how the expense of celebrating it that would be more wisely spent fixing the country’s problems. Worth thinking about!

My Pen: Sleaze The creator’s thoughts on the nature of porn, politics, their repugnance, and similarities between them.

Teresa Schapansky Interview Here is a view into the life of the writer of “Memoirs of a Pakhtun Immigrant” through a brief chat with the this eZine’s creator.
Return to Reality A few words on the unrealistic themes of modern Hindi movies coming out of Mumbai.

Spotlight on Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan A few words on Nusrat’s life, and the evolution of his music as he aged, and the style he took up, especially the devotional qawwali tradition of Sufi Muslims.

Sweet Memories: Sky It’s a blessing indeed, spiritual or secular, take your pick, when one can see the sky at night, to see the stars, some of which are long dead despite their brightness in Earth’s sky at the moment. Here, Agnijaat’s creator gives a few words on her recollections of skywatching in Hyderabad.

Festival of the Month: Durgapuja The Authoress recounts her impression of the festival, in both past and current, local celebrations, her feelings and the conflicting approaches of revelers in Kolkata and elsewhere.

This month’s theme is fire, with… One: a cinqku with digital painting of what might be this eZine’s avatar, surrounded by flames. Two: a haiku on the dangers of even a mere spark in setting things ablaze. Three: a cinquain and digital painting on the need to respect fire, or suffer the consequences! Four: A quintilla and painting on the duality of water and fire, as even water with the right things dissolved in it can be lit afire. Five: A quintain and painting of a perhaps metaphorical, perhaps not, dance performance. Six: Diamond verse and painting on the meeting of a moth and flame. Seven: Seventeen verse and painting of a firefly, one of the night’s most fascinating insects.

Fir Milenge – Till We Met Again Digital painting of a young woman seemingly atop a hill, perhaps. Nice! So, that ends this issue’s critique. Join me here again, and till then, in Soruggon, Tf. Tk. Tts.


Creator Editor of English Ezines Agnishatdal and Agnijaat, Blogger, digital artist, self published author. Agnijashatadalama is her online store, you can select what you want to buy from here, pay through paypal [] and mail her the list of books you have bought in or

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