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Agnishatdal Ashwin 1426 Critique by Troy David Loy

Agnishatdal Ashwin 1426 Critique

Agnishatdal Ashwin 1426, September2019
By Troy David Loy

iravu vanakkam. naandaan Troy. Let’s see what lept out at me in Agnishatdal’s Ashwin 1426 issue!

Chaitanya A biography of a Hindu mystic, a remarkable man whose influence on Bengali Vaishnavaism, and his sect and spiritual movement, appears mostly a result of his students’ work after he died. Still, his influence is felt. What struck me was his relatively modern understanding, for the time, of epilepsy, when Europeans were still attributing such seizures to things like demons.

How conveniently they die: S4 S4 notes the suspicious turns of events when witnesses die or disappear in cases against Indian states, and failures of the media to report on them

Berlin 2, Part 2.6 a tale, from the tail end, of WWII, when Brieuc’s mother, was assigned and on her way to interpret for the commander of the Free French Forces in Germany.

Tenali Raman turns to sleuthing 3 Raman continues his testimony in court and the conclusions drawn from his investigation, the outcome enhancing his court status and reputation as an inquirer and thinker. Well done, Raghu!
Happiness first, wealth will follow Dom here gives some verse on The Secret, ‘nuff said.

Bitter Pill Dose 23 | Religion 6 BP notes the dangers of online religious fanaticism, of fire breathing zealots who damage their own cause in attacking perceived enemies of the faith.

Changeling Freya gives the story of someone drawn to the sea, and who, transformed, becomes one of its denizens!

Many thanks to Sharmishtha for the birthday wishes! It was a hectic time as we transitioned from our old home and moved much further South, but the celebration was fantastic!

Robert Englund I’ve only seen one Nightmare on Elm Street movie, but enjoyed Englund’s performance as Freddie even then. I can only imagine the tedium in applying the makeup he wore for his role, in a movie industry not yet using such computer animation technologies as motion-capture. It was his acting ability that really made his role as villain, or perhaps true movie-monster!

Bengal This Month The creator offers her hopes for the coming Durgapuja, of relative peace in a city of boisterous celebration!

Pieces of Past | Glimpses: Ancient Religions 4 Here, we get a look at the great religions founded in India, Hinduism and Buddhism, and those in early China, with the practice of ancestor worship and the notion of “Tian” (heaven).

Story from Ved and Puranas: Sage Agastya and Vindhya mountain Here’s a tale of an ancient sage and his encounter with an angry mountain. That it leads to such a colorful expression is fascinating!

Words: Milky Way The Authoress relates some of the fantastic findings that have been made of our home galaxy, one out of trillions in the observable universe alone – observable, as the universe beyond what we can see is almost surely vaster still!

Let’s Be Together I love this month’s closing image, with a selection of lovely earth colors to bring out the feel of being in nature.

That’s it for this issue. Join me again for Agnishatdal in Kartik 1426, and until then… …Tf. Tk. Tts.


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