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Agnishatdal Kartik 1426 Critique by Troy David Loy

Agnishatdal Kartik 1426 Critique
Agnishatdal Agnijaat Kartik 1426, October 2019

Troy David Loy

Iravu vanakkam. Naandaan Troy. Let’s look at those things about Kartik’s issue that really jumped out at me! First, there’s…

Let us Begin… Our Virtual Trip to India Here we see a young woman in traditional garb and a good balance of cool and warm shades.

Chandidas While pinning down his identity has shown difficult, as has establishing fact from legend in the man’s life, he nonetheless had a powerful effect on the arts, literature, and religious culture of the time. That’s kinda cool! A true culture-maker!

Farce in name of justice Government corruption is on the rise throughout the world, and here, Saptarchi writes on that of the state government of Uttar Pradesh. Governments don’t like people covering the dirty things they do, and will go to any length to keep things quiet, the sign of a weak state when even the suppression goes public.

Berlin, 2, Part 2.7 Brieuc continues the tale of his mother, newly arrived at Berlin, a Berlin devastated by Allied bombing with ruins, wreckage, and bodies aplenty. And then there were the negotiations…How did they turn out? Find out next issue!

Games Ghosts Play 1 Raghu tells a story of an apparition, of a friend of his seemingly deceased…Who, or what is behind this strange manifestation?

Happiness is a minority Dom offers verse on the Few, the Rare…The Happy…

Bitter Pill, Dose 24: Religion 7 BP comments on the tendency of Europeans to turn away from gods, especially the increasing secularism of Western European nations, and the religious vitiation of European Christians.

YouTubia: They Come Back The Authoress tells us about a movie about a psychologist who takes in a traumatized child – ghosts are involved, but not evil murderous ones! This looks worth checking out!

Gopi Krishna Cool! Here’s a professional dancer I’ve the good fortune to hear about in this issue. Thank you to the Authoress for this one!

Rahul Sharma, Santoor Legend This guy is good, to seemingly impossible levels of good with this instrument, and my time spent on YouTube is all the better for it. Here’s a link I’ve found: https://

Happy belated birthday to Dom for this month; I hope yours was filled with good fortune and cheer!

Minutes Together… I enjoyed the mix of light and dark shades as well as the rich colors in the foreground in this image. Are those earthen lamps in the background, around this tree trunk? I suspect so! Good work! I enjoyed both of the creator’s poems this month, both Bengali and Hindi, and as well, there’s… …

Mayer Mukh Labanya’s poem here is very well done!

Kalipuja This is a beautifully colored image of the fierce yet benevolent Devi Kali. You do NOT want Her getting angry with you, and the easiest way to avoid THAT would be to not do evil things.

Dipawali Here’s a lovely painting of earthen lamps lit for the festival. I’ve seen, elsewhere, photos taken from space of a nightside India lit brightly!

India This Month Here, the Authoress tells us of the distinctions between India’s in general and Bengal’s festivals for the month, something exceedingly good to know!

Pieces of Past: Ancient Religions 7 Here, we find out some very important details of ancient Mesoamerican cultures, the worship practices and some of the gods they revered! I’m less ignorant, just a wee bit less, than I was before!

Story from Ved and Puran – Sage Agastya drank ocean We are treated to a tale of a man with the power to not only drink the entire ocean, but digest it too! I hope those demon critters he exposed to attack were dispatched quickly!

Words: Character and Reputation Here’s some good advice, which jibes well with Stoic philosophy, as the only thing really under our control is our character, not what others do to affect our reputation. Concentrate on changing that which you can, seeking your virtue, not things you can’t, like what others think of you.

So, this is it for Kartik 1426’s issue! Please join me again in Agrahayan, and in Sorrugon, Tf. Tk. Tts


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