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Agnijaat Agrahayan 1426 Critique by Troy David Loy

Agnijaat Agrahayan 1426 Critique

Agnijaat Agrahayan 1426, November 2019
Troy David Loy

iravu vanakkam. naandaan Troy. Here, I give my review of agrahayan 1426’s issue, and here is what really stood out!

Indie Author Speaks: Few Tips 8 I agree with the creator on this, on the usefulness of a good newsletter and mailing list, and on the effectiveness of social media sharing!

From the Quill of Femme Sole: Partial The Authoress comments here on bias and favoritism of society and, unfortunately, the modern legal system in the treatment of women.

Techbabble: Electrocution Here, are noted the problems of tablet computers, and the issues that often make them less than ideal for certain tasks!

India Now: Messing with Corrupt Here’s a discussion of the dangers of fighting corruption in India. Without comparing countries, because that’s just rude and ignorant, these dangers can apply anywhere the regional state leadership relies on a culture of criminality, lies, and disinformation in its power structure.

My Pen: self-righteous What’s the divide between righteousness and self-righteousness? It’s thin, porous, and there’s no simple dividing line as the Authoress notes here! I liked this one in particular.

We Really Need Movie Lovers Here’s a call for more YouTube users to review movies that get overlooked by the critics!

INDIAN RAGA NOW: Mukesh Very cool! I’m listening to Chandan sa badan now, and for a while at least, it may be found at this URL:

Spotlight On: Rehmaan Wow! I’ve put one of this actor’s movies on my viewing list, on either of Apple TV or YouTube, whichever I find it on first. I like sophisticated villains, as they’re so much more interesting and just fun to watch in a movie! Did I mention that the Doctor Who villain The Master is played in Season 12 of the show by someone, I think, of Indian descent? Yep, he’s Sacha Dhawan and he plays the role brilliantly!

Window to West: Asterix I remember many years ago reading the Ingles version of this comic strip, and thoroughly enjoyed it, though have yet to see any of the movies.

Sweet Memories – Artworks The Authoress tells us of her days collecting artwork books, back when they were cheap, yet still worth purchasing, with works by the legends of art, the true Renaissance men, and literally so!

SBPnB from patreon November Mr. Dwivedi is in deep trouble, but can a tricky bargain involving a young woman posing as his niece rescue him from a stay in prison? This starts off well, and could end in a manner involving “interesting times” as the apocryphal curse goes!

Festival of Month: Gita Jayanti Interesting! Considering that the Gita is considered a classic of world religious literature, it deserves to have a festival of its own. I’m tempted to pick up an English copy and read it cover-to-cover.

Media for sale: Bikau–Available for buying A cool cartoon on how politicians buy a supposedly objective and truthful media outlet – money greases palms and makes weak candidates look the strong.

Circle… it never ends.. A cool little digital painting showing a bungalow shrouded in an early winter morning’s mist. A similar thing happens here in Florida as the subtropical winter heads into February! Lovely!

So, it’s away for me once again, but I’ll join you for next month’s critique, and in my sadly amateurish Thamizh: …naan pooyittu varaenga (I shall go and return)


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