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Agnishatdal Poush 1426 Critique by Troy David Loy

Agnishatdal Poush 1426 Critique:

Agnishatdal Poush 1426, December 2019

Troy David Loy

iravu vanakkam. naandaan Troy. Welcome to the Poush 1426 review of Agnishatdal! Here are a few of the outstanding features for this issue… First there’s… …

Let us Begin… Our Virtual Trip to India This painting shows a young woman leaning, her back to a tree, while a small fishing boat travels past on the river in the background.

Bharatendu Harishchandra So, here is one whose linguistic influence was deep and far-reaching. I must look for any published works of his that remain in print, and I suspect that these are more than a few sources I can look on.

Rupjibi and Kalambiji Saptarchi criticizes the intellectual failures of modern Indian movies made for money, not the writer’s craft.

Masai 1 of 4 Brieuc begins this series on the Masai people of Kenya and Tanzania, with tidbits on their traditional culture, spiritual beliefs, and relationship between they and “all cattle on earth,” including those of other tribes!

Games Ghosts Play 3 Raghu concludes the story with a humorous end, when the protagonist’s deceased friend is not the only ghost in town, but friend’s father as well, and just after cheerfully chatting him up on the phone!

A Dwelling for Within Dom’s verse touches both mind and heart with this piece. Very good.

Bitter Pill Dose 26: Politics 1 BP discusses the toxic brew that is Indian politics, and a tendency, not unknown elsewhere, to hide ones’ true colors if such those were from the start!

The Drover Harry gets an opportunity to learn the ropes as a drover, the tough way, sharing the title “boss drover” with his father.

Aqson by Koel Sreejib The creator critiques a book, this one of God and the Devil making sport with with Indian politics as the playing field. Following is an interview with Koel on her fantasy novel and other matters.

Special thanks go out to the Authoress for this issue’s review of my newsletter!

YouTubia: Hammer house of Mystery Good that the Authoress has pointed me in the direction of this channel! I love Hammer films, especially featuring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, two of my favorite actors! Woohoo!

True Treasures: Pebbles Parrots can be hilarious, real ones, that is, and this piece reminds me of an old friend’s African Grey parrot, Bela, who had quite the mouth!

Agnimalya Patreon November Story Chandra has a job as a typist, but something is not right at work. After the boss fires an allegedly pregnant co-worker, the rotten facade of a business starts to crumble as the blackmailing rings it truly is is revealed!

This month’s Bengali and Hindi poems were very enjoyable, and brought forth a sense of deja vu not felt since first moving to Florida a couple of months back.

Balukabela Labanya’s poem here is quite good too, with a final line that’s often good advice and evokes what almost seems to be memories of the future – Think of it like ordinary remembering, but in the wrong direction!

Poush Shukranti This painting shows kites being flown outside, while an indoor kitchen table holds sweets, like pithes, waiting to be eaten!

Christmas This combines digital painting and photo, to commemorate its celebration in India as a revelry in general, and as a religious holiday by Indian Christians.

Story from Ved and Puran: Garuda Fascinating that this being, the King of Birds was as enormous as he was in these writings. That lends a feeling of the fantastic to the stories.

Well, that’s it for this time! Please join me again for Magh’s critique, and in abbreviated Soruggon… …Tf. Tk. Tts!


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