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Butterflies from life’s garden 2019 in Kindle

Butterflies from life’s garden

This book contains a set of poems about the world of human beings, fairies and fantastical creatures and the divine. The tone is kept a bit mellow mostly, gentler. The genres are mixed of course, what did you expected from me? I never follow one genre do I? Hope you will enjoy this journey into land of fantasy!

Every sensation that became poetry, every kind friend, admirer who gave them the courage to express themselves. Poetry is a very shy, timid flower that blooms for loving hearts, they make the poet brave enough to write things so close to their heart.

I started replacing the contents of my story-books in 2017, I almost completely change them every year since then. Poetry books altering started in 2018 and will continue till I get bored. Poetry books are only altered, not fully changed, the majority of the poems will stay, maybe I will rewrite, edit them but they won’t be replaced like story books. I may add few extra poems and change them each year but don’t count on that!

Do drop a line after reading them please!


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