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Kingmaker in Kindle in April 2020

This year a new book will get published in Kindle, along with the rewritten ones.I think five year break is good enough for a new title! The name wont be “Kingmaker” though, when I gave this name to the novel I was writing I had no idea that the word is so popular, after googling afterwards I decided I will look for a unique name, but I certainly will mention that it Kingmaker in case you are one of those who have liked the story when I was sharing it in my blog.

Author Troy David Loy ( ) edited this book and patiently handled this story set in an absolutely different culture from his! I will never be able to thank him enough for the editing (free of cost) he has done for my works. He truly is an angel without wings in my world! God bless him now and forever with the very best only!

Kingmaker is the story of an evil emperor of organized crime and his courtiers, how they make and break lives utilizing the human weaknesses to the full.

Their empire sits on ruined lives of honest and innocent. A land you will never, ever want to walk in but they don’t care about your opinions or preferences! If they want you they will either get you or destroy you beyond repair! Brace yourself for an utterly dark story!

If you read reality-based criminal stories you may get a few things to ponder about from this book, because it certainly is not cooked out of air, but is very much based on real life criminal activities published in newspapers mostly.

The only thing imaginary about it is are its King and his Courtiers, but, then, who can say? Maybe that puppeteer truly exists!


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