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Agnidal 3, 17.7.2019 in Gumroad, Shoptly, Kindle

Agnidal is annual edition of Agnishatdal, the monthly English ezine created by a group of artists and authors scattered all over the world. Agnishatdal is blessed with selfless affection of its creative group, these selfless authors, artists have shared their wonderful creation for free and no matter how much I try to thank them for this gift, it will be nothing!

Agnidal Annual Issues will contain one or more works and an interview of its family members. “Agnishatdal Parivar”. You will read few stories, poems and enjoy some amazing artworks in these pages. Hope you will love them.

Agnidal 3, 2019
Agnidal Illustrated 3, 17.7.2019
Agnidal Illustrated 3, 17.7.2019

Unlike Sfulingo, the contents of Agnidal illustrated is same as the book in Kindle, and if you read both books you will know why I have created my shop in shoptly. Creating is so much more fun here! In case you don’t Shoptly books are illustrated in colour and Kindle books are without any illustration.

The creative group of Agnidal (No order please, just the names as they appeared in mind) :

Troy David Loy
Raghunandan Kuppuswamy
Dominic Collucci
Brieuc Martin Onraet
Pat Ritter
Robert Sherriff
Bitter Pill, Citizen Null, S4 and
Sharmishtha Basu


Creator Editor of English Ezines Agnishatdal and Agnijaat, Blogger, digital artist, self published author. Agnijashatadalama is her online store, you can select what you want to buy from here, pay through paypal [] and mail her the list of books you have bought in or

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