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Sfulingo 3, 17.7.2019 in Gumroad, Shoptly, Kindle

The Kindle Issue of Sfulingo:

Sfulingo 3, Agnijaat Annual Issue 2019

This is the third annual issue of Agnijaat! Thank you for making it happen. This year the book will share a set of brand new stories that I have not published before. Actually I edited them for this book only. So if you like my stories have fun. They are of course from my favorite genre, supernatural. Some stories are dark but most of them are lighter and more pleasant. Hope you will enjoy them and please drop me a line after reading if you can! Share your views!

Sfulingo 3, 2019
Sfulingo Illustrated 3, 17.7.2019
Sfulingo Illustrated 3, 17.7.2019

The Shoptly and Gumroad Issue of Sfulingo 2019:
Sfulingo 3, Agnijaat Annual Issue 2019

This year Sfulingo contains a set of form poems, with appropriate artwork. I have written these poems years ago, only one on each topic then I was checking them out and discovered there is so much more to say about those topics. The form I tried is called rispetto.


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