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Agnishatdal Book 11, Saraswatipuja 1426, 2020

Agnishatdal Book 11, Saraswatipuja 2020
agnishatdal book 11 saraswatipuja 2020
agnishatdal book 11 saraswatipuja 2020

This quarterly is sharing some quite serious works of Bitter Pill, a cherished creator of Agnishatdal, someone who clearly speaks own mind.

BP keeps personal life away from writing life, so you won’t be able to contact directly, you will have to read BP’s works via the Ezines and contact through the Ezine sites or editor.

Agnishatdal you know is a monthly English Ezine created by a group of amazing people scattered all over the world, they create as per their whim so their creations are unpredictable and awesome! You will have to read the books to understand fully.

You know that these works are copyrighted to BP.

Do let BP and me know your opinion of the book.

Sharmishtha Basu


Creator Editor of English Ezines Agnishatdal and Agnijaat, Blogger, digital artist, self published author. Agnijashatadalama is her online store, you can select what you want to buy from here, pay through paypal [] and mail her the list of books you have bought in or

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