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few tips for claustrophobic in lockdown!

The newspapers are talking about it with great concern and I too can feel the scenario, because I was never too fond of too many people around me! Always felt fish out of water in big gatherings or even in office if I had to share my room with others!

I do wonder how are the families going through this time of being crammed together, without much scope of stepping out of their doors, forget about going anywhere!

what a time!

few tips that may or may not help!

1. If you are too cranky, tensed or forgetting things- dont be afraid, it has nothing to do with psychological problems! It has everything to do with tension! Your life has been thrown out of its normal routine, just calm down, this will pass once life resumes its normalcy!

2. Give others some space! Your spouse is around all the time that is fine, but give him/her some breathing space. Mom and dad is around 24×7 so let them live a little! Dont imagine you will be able to turn your kids into embodiment of obedience overnight or over fortnight- just keep them in control!

3. Try to cheer yourself up if things are not too grim!

4. If they are grim then try to calm yourself.

5. Before you go out without much reason, and without any precautionary measure just know – you are risking the lives of your family, you are insulting the sacrifice of those who are depriving themselves from almost everything are sitting at home!

Take care and stay safe!


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