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Coming Kingdom March 2020

Coming Kingdom March 2020

Upcoming Kingdom this month is sharing stories from previous decade! This month you will read bunch of short and very short stories spinning around human beings mostly- yes again! Apparently my mind was absolutely in human beings mode back then!

These are my old works from 2010-11 that I am ruthlessly editing, rewriting! This month there are 52 micro fictions, hope you will enjoy them.

Share your views, your tips and if you want me to add something in it, exclude something from it… feel free to tell me!

You have all the details in the final two pages! You know the drill about copyrights, these are my works, copyrighted so if you want to share them in your blog or site please ask me, and send me a link after you have shared it so I can use that for my promotional ventures.

Happy Reading!
Sharmishtha Basu


Creator Editor of English Ezines Agnishatdal and Agnijaat, Blogger, digital artist, self published author. Agnijashatadalama is her online store, you can select what you want to buy from here, pay through paypal [] and mail her the list of books you have bought in or

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