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Patreon September 2019 Critique by Troy David Loy

Patreon September 2019 Critique by Troy David Loy

Agnimalya September 2019 Critique

A Love Story Preeti has a message for Korak, from an admirer, but who is it, her co-worker Mayank? There is skepticism from Korak at first, then the next day she receives a text message on her phone…Is it Mayank?

A Sad Case An army officer is under suspicion, and is caught spying for terrorists! – But is he, and what’s really going on? Find out!

Business The lovely Renu has been catching hearts lately, and the riches of her scammed and murdered victims! The outcome is not good for this one, not from a perspective of justice…

Call of Death Anu, Alok, and Sanjay are all up to no good, but Anu has found a new victim for the trio, or has she? Things are not as they seem when she betrays her business partners, only to get scammed herself!

Chandrama Debdeep has a problem, of summoning the courage to propose to his true love Chandrama! Will he conjure up the will to do it?

Charity Sucharita recognizes a man she knows…or does she? There’s suggestions of scammy dealings when both he and the man she “mistook” him for are soliciting money to pay for expensive “medical” treatments for another. What’s really going on?

Child of Lust Mrigank seems the perfect man to young Sashi, and to most other women as well, but what’s up with him? Is there some hidden danger? Some secret best not known? It’s better than you might think!

Children Debanwita loves children, but something keeps her away from them, willingly on her part. What could that something be? Hint: a literal twisted sister and evil sister in law are involved in some pretty dirty family dealings!

Confirm Shanta and Jitendra, two troubled lovers drawn apart are reunited after Jitendra’s failed engagement to another. Why? Can the two succeed where once sadness ruled? It’s better than things might look.

Control freak A wealthy industrialist has a bit of a problem controlling others, and when a wilful son nearly kills himself because of his father’s strictness, the father learns that parenthood is not ownership!

Haiku Duo Here are two haiku pics, with a tricky mermaid and river of volcanic lava. Good stuff!

SBP&B September 2019 Critique

Devil’s Own Sitendra is in a bit of a fix, the apparent patsy of a marriage scam involving his son…. It turns out that the scammer is in fact he during a rigorous questioning, and confuting evidence, evidence damning indeed!

Didimoni Haru sees who could be the love of his life, a young woman as lovely as Saraswati herself. But is this love to be requited? What happens when mutual admirers part for months after seeing each other? This one has a sad ending, but that’s good sometimes.

Diptesh An orphan raised and trained by a generous man must leave the nest as a journeyman, to enter the real world. In his first exposure to the outside, he meets the lovely Meghna. but is this love found, or lost? When Diptesh lapses into a nigh-lethal fever, Meghna must reveal her feelings for him. This one ends well, in my view.

Distant Dreams Promit has a problem, as his heart calls him to the beautiful Jharna, due to marry another. What’s to become of this? Will Promit be lonely forever? What of Jharna, and the news she must give years later? What is the secret of Jharna’s absentee husband, Sanjay, and of her mysterious pregnancies? This one was grim in tone, but the end was much brighter than I expected!

Divorced Kankana has been shot, by those hired by a viper of a woman named Anurina, who sought to destroy Kanana’s life, and not just the social part either! But safety lies in remarriage and relocation with Anurina’s former husband and scam victim. I enjoyed especially the dialogue here!

Double Standard Nisha and Reshu give the tale of a society and those in it who worship virtue, yet work against it for profit and kicks.

Dowry Chandan has a problem: seeking a wife, and so do his parents for him. But once he weds, something is amiss! What is it, and what will he do when his bride is accused of… impropriety in morals…? Some things are complicated at best, and this is a fine ending for this issue!


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