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Migrant lives matter!

Well, inspired by a few words tweeted by actor Deb. He recently tweeted that our hearts are broken for the brutal killing of a pregnant elephant in Kerala and a African American in USA, how are we so callous about our own countrymen? The migrant labourers who are dying for nothing!

We should be feeling sad for them too! These are just poor men and women who left their own home and went to strange cities to work for a handful of money! Their livelihood was snatched away from them in a four hour notice.

God only knows if they got food [edible] in the shelters provided to them or not! If they had been receiving that many of them would not have been traveling hundreds of miles to reach home on foot! I would not have! You?

Then after months of suffering they were stuffed up like cattle in trains and sent to different destinations where they again faced apathy and starvation!

We should be weeping for them too!

Check out these alternate journalist medias if my words sound surreal and if possible become their patrons too! We need real human beings as journalists! You will find their channels if you search their names in YouTube, I found them that way-

Vinod Dua
Prime time with Raveesh Kumar
Bhakt bannerjee or Akash Banerjee
Abhisar Sharma
Dhruv Rathee
Bharat ek mauj
News laundry

Had I been employed or had any income of my own I would have become patron of each and every one of these! These are the journalists India needs desperately!

Now, just to lighten your mood a bit, because nothing can kill the sense of humour of Bengalis- a cartoon by unknown artist!


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