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firstgear article 1- walk of death!

Indian government’s incapacity in handling big crisis have been bluntly proved by Covid19, the bigger problem is they are not learning anything from the lesson. I am not an expert of these things. I can only share what I have read in papers, heard in alternative news channels and felt. Just like any intelligent person you should ponder over my points and think yourself whether my words are correct or not.

When Covid19 showed its first menacing claws the ground zero China too was slow to react, as a result the virus exploded all across the globe, but then the quarantined the infected areas, and Indian government went on a spree to bring infected people from “abroad” home. Were they unaware of their own medical facility’s horrific condition? The medical facility that is incapable of saving people suffering from normal diseases that has medicines? Well, they brought them home and kept them in Delhi to throw a red carpet to the virus. It accepted the invitation and spread like wildfire in a country where going out is must for majority of people, only a slim percentage [or less] can afford sitting at home and waiting for a pandemic to pass by. They will starve to death.

Had they left these people in the countries they were in at that time, they most probably would have received better medical care and the disease might have spread a little less! I have a feeling that the virus leaked from those detention centers and grabbed Delhi, after all it is one of the worst struck places.

The next failure was unplanned lockout, the lockout was not a bad idea but it should have been planned. It is not a child’s play that you take a child and shut him in home for indefinite period without bothering to inform him beforehand. You will feed the child and ensure the roof over his head and other expenses that might occur. So, you can do that! You are taking the responsibility of that child! But our governments did the same? Well, forget it! They absolutely forgot that massive majority of Indians work every day to earn that day’s meal! How could they forget it? Don’t they see these people when they go out to ask for votes? The poor people they use as weapon against the minuscule thinkers who know their real faces? Well, they did, like they were supposed to! So, thousands of daily-wagers all of a sudden became homeless, jobless and stranded in strange cities, surrounded by people who had no time to think about them. To add up, banks and transports too were closed, so these people did what any intelligent person will do most probably headed for their homes on foot. The government that acted like a flash to “bring folks from abroad for free most probably” ignored these people, who actually need their help. They suffered, died and then opposition picked up the issue and the government brazenly asked these starving men and women to pay for train-fare, lucky us that the court intervened. Well, they had to relent but they packed these men and women like cattle and dispatched them for what they thought was their destination city, yes, they blundered there too, trains took these half-starving people to wrong states! Forget about cities!

When they reached their destination many of them were infected, and many of these infected pulled the chain and got away in midway to further spread the virus. Well, reaching the city of choice was their second stage of suffering, they were sent to quarantine centers where condition was horrific, we have seen videos on alternative medias how they are not getting food, water or any necessary thing in many of them, and not only that they are being thrashed if they demand for food, that government is “officially giving them.” They were promised that they will get jobs too, but that is pipe dream, all we hear are people complaining that they are not getting any job, no one is saying that they are!

So, had our government planned before lockdown and first dispatched these healthy daily-wagers to their destination, taken stock of their numbers as they entered their homes and then announced the lockdown after supplying ration to these people things might have been humane, right?

They used this lockdown period as holiday period. They should have utilized it to take care of poor and improving our medical facilities, working vigorously with it, transforming it maybe to fight the virus. Give the doctors and health-workers the safety and necessary amenities because they are the ones sticking out their heads day in and day out! They failed there too! The doctors, nurses and health-workers are suffering day in and day out, the protection kits supplied to them are horrible, not only that, they are being thrown out of their homes, their families are being heckled and many of them are not getting salary! They should be getting huge bonuses! Not flower shower! We do respect them, that is why we want them to get huge bonuses not flower petals!

Now, please don’t think Indian politicians don’t have money! They can’t help their daily-labourers but they can hold “Virtual rallies” when death is dancing around the country, snatching people like vultures and hyenas. They can spend millions of rupee on virtual rally and of course, building “Ram temple” in Ayodhya and “Celebrating Dipawali in Monsoon” when the country is shedding tear of blood! If they had any conscience they would have spent this money on starving people who have lost their livelihood!

Well, there is more, much more about the incompetency of Indian Governments, majority of the source of my information are alternative news channels like Deshbhakt, Abhisar Sharma, New laundry, Bharat ek Mauj, Prime time with Raveesh Kumar [You can check these channels out in YouTube] I personally think they are reliable source of news, much reliable than the absolutely bought out Modi Media. That is too busy singing praises of its master round the clock.

I know you all know that I have been writing for first-gear since August 2020. Thank you for checking out those articles and giving them the stars, that means a lot to me! Some of these articles are already published in firstgear, others will be published in future. When they published they will show up under my author name-
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