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Price: $1

AGNIKORAK is a poetry book lavishly illustrated! That is the difference between SBPnB and Agnikorak, it is dedicated to poetry only. Mainly it will contain short forms of poetry that can be lavishly illustrated, like haiku, senru, seven, seventeen, quatrain etc. I may add free form poetry but later!

Main purpose behind this book series is celebrating my brush with the pen, and as I love writing poetry I decided to separate poetry from stories. SBPnB will handle the story side from 2021 in shoptly and gumroad.

You will have to check out a few copies to get the feel. Just like Agnimalya’s stories the genre of the poems will be versatile. Once in a blue moon you may get a book centered on certain topic or emotion!

This book is up in at present [but newer issues will be available both in shoptly and gumroad] copies can be bought via paypal, select the books you want, pay the money and get the pdf files from me. Don’t forget to send me your payment details and list of books in my id ( / or much preferred add the list of the books and your email id in the comment that you can add with your payment in paypal if you buy via paypal

If you want to browse about the contents (and once in a while critiques) you will have to pay a visit to one of these sites and check out the indexes there:


Agnikorak Book 1

Agnikorak Book 2

Agnikorak Book 3

Agnikorak Book 4

Agnikorak Book 5

Agnikorak Book 6

Agnikorak Book 7

Agnikorak 8 Summer Serenade


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