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Disclaimer from Labanya [author of Agnishatdal]

Disclaimer: Agni [Sharmishtha Basu] has recently texted me how all of a sudden her cyber-world is coming across Lavanya and Labanya named persons.

She might have seen them before but ignored them but now she is noticing them because of me.

I will simply want to say one thing loud and clear to my readers, hoping I have a few admirers in Agnishatdal readers that I strictly keep away from blogs, facebook, linkedin and other social media sites. I have a life, full-fledged one and I want to keep my writing ventures away from it. Labanya is my pen name, borrowed from Rabindranath Tagore’s Shesher Kabita.

I don’t have any plans of publishing outside Agnishatdal yet. If I do I will introduce myself to you.

Till then … none of the Labanyas in Sharmishtha Basu’s world outside Agnishatdal is me!