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Agnishatdal Bhadra 1428 August 2021 critique by Labanya

Agnishatdal Bhadra 1428 August 2021
Critique by Labanya

Agnishatdal Bhadra 1428 August 2021 critique by Labanya

Hi friends, let us begin!

Bhadra issue begins with another shot from Golconda fort, the tribute this month has been paid to Satyendranath Tagore and was full of fresh information about him, I have only read his name here and there.

Ye reap…3 by saptarchi: Saptarchi is right again. Covid might have become an eye opener for Indians, but they love to keep their eyes shut tight! They are incurable!

Fogline by Brieuc Martin Onraet 17: Very good observation of weather forecast.

A mix up by Vasu Srinivasan translated by Raghunathan Kuppuswamy: packed a good punch at the end.

Cometh the Magnus by Troy David Loy: Interesting piece. Surprise end for sure.

You already are… by Dom Collucci: Beautiful.

Bitter Pill dose 45 by We are safe 2: BP is very right about the half truth that has been recorded and fed to public since the day people started recording incidents.

Gillu by Manju Balkrishna: Don’t know Hindi.

Dream Angel by Pat Ritters 1: Interesting piece, great description, vivid and touching.


Sfulingo and Agnidal 5 in Shoptly and Gumroad: Read them all. They were pure delight.

4 fantastic shots of sparrows and butterflies shared this month.

This month Linkedin Requests are worth checking out if you are a writer or artist.

UFO sightings by Graham Clingbine: It can be a great read!

Agni Kahini by Sharmishtha Basu: Watched the channel, and enjoyed it.

Agni Kahini by Sharmishtha Basu

Star of the Month Munni Begum- She is good.

Star of West: Nomadland: Sounds like a great movie.

Star of east: Amrita Shergil- I will have to check out her paintings, I have only heard her name, the painting shared was gorgeous.

Youtubia-PBS Space Time- fascinating.

Minutes Together: Liberated was spooky and sort of possible.

Loved the Bengali poem and the hindi poem both. Thank you for adding my work Shunyata in your ezine Agni and translating it for me.

Upamanyu- Have read it before but not the full story. Touching and sweet.

TnW- Let Go- good suggestion!

Bhandananda- Men will be men, women should start uniting and standing firm against bullying.

The sketches all through the ezine were pretty, very colourful and lovely.

That is it I guess! See you again next month, and thank you Agni/Sharmishtha for translating my works!

Yours sincerely,

By the way if you see any other Labanya in Sharmishtha’s social circle that will not be me. I don’t use my pen name [Labanya] in social media, use the real one.