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Agnishatdal Book 13, Durgapuja 1427, 2020, Pat Ritter

Agnishatdal Book 13, Durgapuja 1427, 2020

This quarterly is sharing some works of Pat Ritter, a cherished creator of Agnishatdal, his writings are about a brand new thing to many of us, rural Australia.

I have read his works and absolutely loved his way of writing and his topic has taken me to a trip to a land I knew very little about before reading these works.

Agnishatdal you know is a monthly English Ezine created by a group of amazing people scattered all over the world, they create as per their whim so their creations are unpredictable and awesome! You will have to read the books to understand fully.

You know that these works are copyrighted to Pat Ritter.

Do let Pat Ritter and me know your opinion of the book.

Sharmishtha Basu