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The bridge of her dreams 2021 in Kindle

The bridge of her dreams 2021 in Kindle

This year the book is mostly fantasy, you will get stories about fairies, spirits, strange places and people. I have tried to keep the stories as versatile as possible even if almost all of them are from fantastical realm. Just love to write about ghosts and people not human. You will get romance, spook and fear by the time you finish the book.

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Troy reviewed The bridge of her dreams
An excellent read! September 1, 2017
Written from an Indian perspective, this is an anthology of micro-fiction; fantasy, sci-fi, and horror tales. My favorite is the title story, in which a young woman’s strange recurring dream leads to a startling realization during a trip to university in Kashmir. Another is The Creature, in which an SOS signal from an alien planet turns out to be more trouble than it’s worth. Check this one out!