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Agnimalya December 2019 Critique by Troy David Loy

Agnimalya December 2019 Critique by Troy David Loy

Missed chance An older man, nicknamed “Grumps” gets a stern talking to about trying to win back a younger flame who now wants naught to do with him.

Missing persons list Young Moyna is missing, possibly abducted on her way to school. What is going on, and can they find her before it’s too late? Who is responsible? When a wealthy woman seems connected to this and other disappearances mysteriously vanishes herself, only to reappear elsewhere, the hunt is on! While the missing girls are yet to be found by the end, I found this story a good way to raise social consciousness on this very sort of thing happening in real life!

Money and love Smriti and Anirban are coworkers, and seem perfect for each other in other ways as well. Smriti has ideas of her own, but refrains from romancing him. After he helps her find a new job elsewhere, they meet again, much to the delight of them both!

Money, money, money When Chandra finds a dream job in another state, things seem peachy…until suspicions of something terrible going on arise. While the guilty parties do get their comeuppance by the end, it would be interesting to read in more detail how that happened!

Monsters A human trafficking racket has been investigated by the police for years, and when officer Chandraneel decides to tackle the ring another way, less direct, one that perhaps will succeed where the law has failed!

Mother Mahesh and Uma have trouble having children despite their undying love. But a child indeed comes through another channel in the form of a foundling discovered by Mahesh! Named Esha, the child grows into a young woman studying at university, meets a stranger with connections to her – by birth! Is this her true mother? The phrase “true mother” is a little tricky when it comes to being abandoned as a child!

Natraj Sneha falls for a local teacher, her feelings only growing, until she notices a gap in his facade of chastity! She soon falls OUT of love, in a most liberating way. This one I enjoyed.

Nice family Mohit and Dinesh discuss the relationship of Mohit’s son to one Mrinalini, who may not be as she appears…or IS she? Does she turn out to be the genuine article, and is the real trickster is revealed?

Nightmare in suburbia There is a plot, involving blackmailed pawns as partners, or perhaps just minions, in crime. Here are two related stories of skullduggery done in service to a vile puppet master.

Now or never The Infamous Trio, Mrs. Gupta, Mrs. Ghosh, and Mrs. Sinha gather again to gossip, this time about shy Ramesh and Sophia. Do they call Ramesh to talk, and find his real reasons for not pursuing Sophia? Do they manage to convince him anyway? This one was fun!

Nymph A demon decides to lounge about on a peaceful day in the form of a bird, and gets shot! When a gentle hand picks him up, and his injuries are cared for, he cannot forget this good turn done to him! He falls for young Tamalika, seeking marriage, but her parents will have none of it! When a demon’s attraction is motivated by something much baser than love, what is he to do? Seek revenge, of course! But does it work as planned? What happens when he sends a nymph to seduce her?