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Addicted to reading and love encouraging writers, artists?

Addicted to reading and love encouraging writers, artists?

I was one of them when I was employed, I used to buy books and cassettes by dozens and books on painting, photography were my favorites. I could never have enough of them! Since becoming dependent I get my quota from blogs and YouTube. But if I start making my own living I will again start buying books and audios.

Are you in my league and wont mind spending a few dollars each month?

My patreon pledges are at your disposal in that case:

My profile there:

If you pledge $1 per month Agnilipi every month
If you pledge $2 per month Agnipat, Agnishatdal every month
If you pledge $3 per month Agnilipi, Agnipat, Agnimalya every month
If you pledge $4 per month Agnilipi, Agnipat, Agnimalya, Sharmishtha Basu’s Paint and Brush every month.
If you pledge $5 per month Agnilipi, Agnipat, Agnimalya, Sharmishtha Basu’s Paint and Brush and glimpses of my upcoming books in form of another mini book every month.

There are two more pledges go to the profile and check them out from there if you are feeling interested.

Agnimalya contains stories
Sharmishtha Basu’s Paint and Brush contains you can guess fully illustrated works of any possible type I can create!
Coming Kingdom will share pieces of upcoming books.
Agnilipi will share my new passion, selected photos.
Agnipat will share few paintworks each month

Patreon 5- Agnilipi, Agnimalya, Agnipat, Coming Kingdom and SBPnB


Agnilipi will share a set of photography each month, they maybe versatile or one single topic. Do share your views after checking them out.

I am not a great photographer, let me tell you, just an amateur one armed with a point and shoot camera most of the time and am honing my skill on a DSLR lately but am far from getting satisfied with my handling it yet!


Agnimalya is a book of stories, some old stories and mostly new stories are included in it. The mood depends on the stories included- that is- they are unpredictable! I try to make them as versatile as possible and sometimes throw in some flash-fictions lavishly illustrated for you!

You will have to check out a few copies to get the feel. But just as I said I try to add all genres but not in the same book, and I don’t really stick to one genre for one book mostly, maybe I will in future, but not at present. Most probably you will enjoy a dose of love in the February Issue or Durgapuja in autumn….


Agnipat will share a set of digital paintings each month, will decide each month the contents to be shared. If you like my clumsy paintings you will like this book.

Coming Kingdom

Coming kingdom at present is sharing stories of upcoming books, right now it is sharing stories from the books to be published (republished) in Amazon Kindle. Every month it will share few stories.

Check out the stories and share your views!


SBPnB is a book of illustrations mainly. As you can guess from the name the priority has been given to the illustrator inside me! I love to paint and this is the book through which I am sharing my paintings with you.

Sometimes you will get them with quotes, sometimes with poems or flash fictions. But whatever will be there the size of the words will be quite short, so that each post’s length is one page. Sometimes they may get longer but not necessarily!

There are more pledges, if I start getting patrons that will give more than $5 each month I will love to include them, right now I am waiting for a miracle that will give me 2 dozen $5 patrons 🙂 before 2021 is over. Be a part of that miracle!

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Disclaimer from Labanya [author of Agnishatdal]

Disclaimer: Agni [Sharmishtha Basu] has recently texted me how all of a sudden her cyber-world is coming across Lavanya and Labanya named persons.

She might have seen them before but ignored them but now she is noticing them because of me.

I will simply want to say one thing loud and clear to my readers, hoping I have a few admirers in Agnishatdal readers that I strictly keep away from blogs, facebook, linkedin and other social media sites. I have a life, full-fledged one and I want to keep my writing ventures away from it. Labanya is my pen name, borrowed from Rabindranath Tagore’s Shesher Kabita.

I don’t have any plans of publishing outside Agnishatdal yet. If I do I will introduce myself to you.

Till then … none of the Labanyas in Sharmishtha Basu’s world outside Agnishatdal is me!