Disclaimer from Labanya [author of Agnishatdal]

Disclaimer: Agni [Sharmishtha Basu] has recently texted me how all of a sudden her cyber-world is coming across Lavanya and Labanya named persons. She might have seen them before but ignored them but now she is noticing them because of me. I will simply want to say one thing loud and clear to my readers,… Continue reading Disclaimer from Labanya [author of Agnishatdal]

Sneak Peek my new book in Kindle

Sneak Peek https://www.amazon.com/dp/b08v8gxv5h Story one: The lunatic- Scratching sound on her window woke her up. Mina opened her eyes, it was dark outside but she could see vaguely because of the streetlight. Someone was standing at the window, slowly running her finger on the glass, looking at her. An old woman with disheveled hair and… Continue reading Sneak Peek my new book in Kindle