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Hey Canon your powershot cameras stink!

I sincerely hope that one of your hotshots will read this blog and will do something about it.

I love taking photographs in camera, not phones, all my smartphones have cameras but still when I want to photograph I pick up my canon camera.

Why canon not nikon or other makes? Because I love the colours that canon cameras offer.

Why not cellphone cameras that are much weatherproof and sturdier than canon cameras [way much weather proof and sturdier] because their picture quality is too worse than canon or any other digital camera. I have used Nikon too, a borrowed one, that is sadly no longer available.

Why am I grumbling then?

Well, I first used a canon camera regularly in 2015, a powershot, that is all I can afford! That too because they were gifted by my brother who was earning quite a hefty amount of salary back then. It was mediocre, actually quite mediocre in performance but had one advantage over the second one I used, it could take the photos of flying birds etc, very hazy but it captured them.

But getting its batteries was like tossing coins in a wishing well! That BTW applies for my new camera too! Bro bought one from USA after paying a whopping lot of extra money for that! Your Kolkata showrooms do not sell every battery for every canon camera! Awesome huh? Spend 500 bucks to go to Park Street where your showroom is to know that they don’t have the battery!

Well after we returned to Kolkata from Hyderabad I took a lot of rain photos and recklessly, then one fine morning the camera started taking white pictures, absolutely white, the video was working fine though, it took videos clearly with sound. It also took photos in darkness, like in dim light or bulb, tubelight etc, even in candle light! Finally it stopped completely within a couple of month.

I was given my next camera in 2019, another powershot it burnt whopping 20000 bucks – read it as only for a camera, I could buy a nice enough smartphone with that money with a camera. But no, I wanted to take really nice pictures so I was gifted with a photograph only gadget!

It worked nice enough for a year, and right before its first anniversary there was a cyclone in Kolkata and I took a lot of photos and videos, and I will clearly say that I stayed indoor and took care that the camera does not gets wet. Voila! Within a month I was gifted by white photos, perfect videos and night photography. Bro was still working so he took the camera to your showroom in Park Street after spending 500 bucks on taxi-fare [up and down] just because there was no lock-down and we were dreaming that covid will be gone for good before 2021, well the guy in showroom replaced the camera with a new one.

This time I treated it like a china doll, not the modern ones, the antique ones, when the next cyclone simply brushed by kolkata I took a few videos and rain shots taking strict care that my touch me not camera does not gets a drop of moisture on its precious body but voila! one fortnight and now I am suffering with white photos, the minute I zoom the photos become white, the videos are clear till date but they are soon going to go, I can feel it in the air.

The reason behind writing this whole book is draw your attention. If you really want people to buy more camera make them sturdy, you can, we know it and you know it, you do it to make people buy new camera every year. Well, in western countries that is possible, 16000 rupee is nothing for them, but in India 16000 rupee is LOT, MORE THAN A LOT! NO ONE WILL REFER A CAMERA THAT WILL CRASH AFTER USING ONE OR ONE AND A HALF YEARS!



As for me I seriously am toying with the idea of giving up on canon cameras or cameras altogether and practice the cellphone cameras instead!



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